Tips for Protecting & Maintaining the Outside of Your Lake House

Tips for Protecting & Maintaining the Outside of Your Lake House

Tips for Protecting & Maintaining the Outside of Your Lake House

There’s nothing like a beautiful trip to the lake over the spring or summer for a nice get-away, however, owning a home on the lake comes with much more responsibilities, especially to maintain it. Follow these helpful tips for protecting and maintaining the outside of your lake house this summer!

Wash the Exterior

Throughout the year, the elements and natural weather will have its effect on the exterior of your home, despite how often you’re able to spend time there. When you do have the chance, be sure to either power wash or manually clean the exterior of your home to prevent mold, dirt buildup, dust, or grime from settling and remaining on the exterior. Use a soft-bristled long brush and soap and water so as to not damage your home’s paint. If you have mildew on parts of your home, you may be able to add a bit of bleach to the mix as well.

Waterproof the Property

There are a number of ways to waterproof your property, which is very necessary so close to the lake! Even if you live a bit off the water, it’s a good idea to protect your home from high levels of rain and humidity. Flashing is a technique that is very effective in preventing water damage, and is popular among lake homeowners. It involves placing a strip of thin material on exteriors and joints of your home that seals up any cracks or leaks and redirects water from the roof to the ground, without it seeping into your home. Contact a professional to do these services right for you!

Repair external damage

If your lake house does have any external damage from storms or regular wear and tear, it is imperative to repair it as quickly as possible. Living by the water, you might run into repairs such as paint touch-ups, caulking and plastering up holes, dents and scratches, and more. It’s important to know your level of expertise, and call in a professional when the damage is a little out of your abilities to repair!

Use the right Materials

Using the right materials on your lake house is very important in protecting its exterior for years to come. Brick, concrete, or hardie plank siding is popular for weatherproof and durable homes. You can also use tile and concrete around the foundation of your home to ensure no water is able to seep in or flood your home in case of a storm or continuous exposure to water.

Plant around the House

Believe it or not, planting greenery and flowers around your lake house can actually help maintain it! Strong roots surrounding your home prevents erosion and potential landsliding from the lakewater and storms. An added benefit is a charming exterior from leafy plants or flowers.

Outdoor HVAC

If you have an outdoor air conditioning system, it’s important to clean and maintain it every once in a while to prevent damage and ensure efficiency. Before you clean your system, shut off the power to prevent injury or damage. Remove debris, and clean off any dirt or other debris on the exterior of your system. Clean the fins and coils of your air conditioner, either by hand or with a hose. If your system has damage, be sure to schedule maintenance or repairs from a licensed, professional HVAC company

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